We have over 15 years of Fish keeping experience from Tropical Freshwater to Marine. We ensure all stock is acclimatised into our tanks which are kept at a slightly low salinity 1.021sg and have Anti Parasite Treatments in the water. The lower salinity helps fish breathe easier if they have infections. The parasite treatment also helps attack any eggs that hatch and anything remaining within the gills. We cant guarantee we get everything so we recommend you Quarantine all fish before they go in your display tank. Please ask for advice.

We send out all livestock via APC or DX – Delivery Days are Wed to Friday.

All fish and livestock should be drip acclimatised for at least an hour before been released into your display tank. Salinity should be equalised as well as temperature to ensure less stress.

Due to the nature of the hobby we do not warranty any live items. However we will endeavour to find a positive resolution to any issues or complaint after all we are actually really nice people 🙂